Terms of Service

The Service Directory is open to the public as a free, no charge and no cost service under the following conditions:

  1. You are welcome to use the basic text information service as a free service. Optional company logos or banner ads may carry a small annual charge.
  2. Only those services and companies relating directly to the Dive Industry and marine protection will be allowed.
  3. Linking to websites other than those directly related to your service is strictly prohibited and will lead to you being restricted from submission or use.
  4. Our servers are located in the United States of America and are subject to its laws and we will comply with any lawful request for release of information. We will provide an annual transparency report to the extent allowed by law. Our goal is to protect your information to the maximum extent allowed by law.
  5. The information you upload will not be analyzed, unless there is abuse reported.
  6. The unlawful use of this system is prohibited.
  7. We do not disclose any information you provide to any third party, except for information which is public.
  8. These terms of service will be updated as needed and may change without any advance notice and/or notification.
  9. In using our basic free service, you agree that you will hold On-the-Edge Magazine harmless for any data loss or other harm.
  10. On-the-Edge Magazine reserves the right to reject any Service Directory submission that it deems, at its sole discretion, to be harmful, abusive, unlawful and/or not in the spirit of constructive use of our services.